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Meeting the expert: The future of democracy in transatlantic partnerships

Meeting the expert: The future of democracy in transatlantic partnerships

Are we citizens of the world? Can democracy lead to undemocratic results? What effects does democracy in one state have on international affairs globally? When does democracy fail?

These were just some of the issues and questions Prof. Dr. Hellmann and Dr. Ambroz raised at the beginning of their discussion with the bilingual Q1 political science and economics class (Mrs. Schmitt). Prof. Dr. Hellmann, professor for political science at the Frankfurt University with a special interest on democracy and international relations, and Dr. Alenka Ambroz, a fellow of the research centre „John McCloy Transatlantic Forum / Democratic Vistas. Reflections on the Atlantic World“ started a vivid discussion with the students about different facets of the current state of democracy and global challenges that impact the future of democracy, thus critically questioning state actions and territorial claims.

The conversation ranged from spreading peace through democracy focussing on the global role of the United States, the failed attempt of bringing democracy to eastern nations to conflicts and wars in the Middle East such as the Palestine/Israel conflict, closing with the task of the NATO in our multipolar world order nowadays, taking different layers of philosophy and dimensions of international relations and democracy into account.

The discussion with both experts was a unique opportunity for the students to exchange their views and ideas while gaining new perspectives on the issues mentioned above, thus offering a critical view on the future of democracy in transatlantic partnerships and on a global level. Summarizing the aspects being discussed, Dr. Hellmann and Dr. Ambroz ended their visit with a final question for the student to consider: If we had the chance to change democracy, what could we do?

Q1 Political Science and Economics (bilingual, Mrs Schmitt)


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